Constructional Law, Condominium Law

Constructional Law

Representation  in public proceedings, constructional cases,

Real-estate purchase agreements, deeds

Legal review of Building Contracts, Planning Contracts
Legal remedy against any decision taken by a judicial authority, application for legal review,
• Cooperation with constructional affairs expert, advice to choose an expert, or consultation wih one on special legal situations,

Condominium Law

• Condominium foundation, permanent representation,
• Representation during entered into an arrangement;
• Termination of joint property by agreement, or in debate situations;
• pledge entries, delete, or attack on General Assembly resolutions before court;
• For supply attic legal representation;
  Create, Modify , Articles of Incorporation;
• Creating organizational and operational regulations;
• Preparation of Policy;
• issuing payment orders;
• Due to newly built houses defective performance Litigation;
• Reconciliation of conducting negotiations;
• correspondence with utilities, any court representation;
• Preparation of condominium management and property management plan;
• Representing pro, or against Members of Condominium Managers and joint judicial and extrajudicial affairs, permanent legal representation;